Lyken Publishing’s featured author is Leland Lydecker.

Leland is a writer, professional driver, and airline employee. No stranger to the ins and outs of government and corporate corruption, his preferred writing topics are crime, extra-judicial justice, and the future of society. His interests range from the natural world, to space exploration, to technology and medicine with an emphasis on genetic engineering, cybernetics, and artificial intelligence.

His first novel, Necrotic City, was published in October 2017. An altruistic genetically engineered Hero named Adrian struggles to follow his conscience in a high tech, low life corporate society where a person’s financial standing is the sole determining factor of their value as a human being.

Despite its dark themes, Necrotic City has been heralded as both a deeply entertaining read and a book that makes you think about where we are and where we’re going.

Leland’s short story Hel’s Fury was featured in the 2018 charity collection Trumpland: An Alternative History of the Future. A short, hard-hitting murder mystery set in a not-too-distant future not unlike the Alaska Leland grew up in, this tale is a must-read both for those who wonder where the current administration is leading us and for those who want to see the real Alaska outside the carefully curated confines of reality TV and glossy guidebooks.

You can check out Leland’s blog here, connect with him on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter. If he’s not busy writing, he’ll generally follow back.